What about Purebred Shih-Tzu's

There are many shih tzu breeders that are starting to breed shorkies. You might ask your self why?? The answer is MONEY AND GREED!!

Over the last couple of years the Shih tzu quality has gone down hill. This has happened because many shih tzu breeders are NOT breeding quality shih tzus. They are just breeding any two shih tzus together to get a litter of pups so they can sell at a cheap price, but with the cheap price you get shih tzu that are NOT healthy, and some don't even look like a shih tzu..

The fact is there is a difference between breeding quality and pet quality. But some breeders don't care. They will NOT keep a dog for 12 months or longer then spay them and put them in a pet home, because they are not breeding quality. This would cost them money, and time. You can NOT tell if a dog will be breeding quality at 8 weeks 10 weeks or even 6 months. Ethical breeders wait to see what they will be like full grown.

For instance, the photo below is a photo from a shorkie breeders website that has a shih tzu puppy for sale, on the breeders website she list her as an imperial shih tzu puppy chocolate flat face out standing quality.. The same breeder says she breeds AKC shih tzu's but don't register them. THIS JUST GOES TO SHOW PUPPY PARENTS NOT ALL AKC DOGS ARE QUALITY and NOT every AKC dog should be bred.

This dog or any other dog that is placed into a pet home after 6 months of age should be spayed or  nurtured BEFORE being placed.  Responsible breeders place their retired mom's and dads go into pet home and make sure they are SPAYED OR NURTURED BEFORE PLACING THEM.

The same breeder states on her website she has perfected the imperial shih tuz, if this a photo of her perfection I would say please start over.. this dog in our opinion is NOT what a shih tzu should look like.

BOY if this little gal is quality I would hate to see what this breeder calls NOT quality. This girl is what AKC would call a liver and white. But lets first look at her eyes

First her eyes don't look like they have the pigmentation under them on the eye rim, if this is true it is a flaw..

Second why are her eye whites red?? On our website we have a letter from Sherry's vet stating she thought she burned another dogs eyes.. Is that what happened to this poor baby? Her eye whites should be white.

Third she should not have that much eye white show as she dose in her left eye. Her right eye white is ok but not the left.

Fourth lets look at her nose and the position of it. Why is the hair on the nose cut so short? was it all matted up from not being taken care of? her nose is low.. A quality shih tzu should have a higher set nose.

If this shorkie breeder is producing purebred shih tzus that are not quality how can they produce quality shorkies??

Fifth, this shih tzu does NOT have a flat face. If you look at the mussel you can tell it is longer, I would LOVE to see a side view of this dog, then you could really tell how long the mussel is and that it is NOT flat at all but long.

here is the same photos printed out from the website.


 In our option this little girl looks like she is quality


 First let look at her eyes.
 First her eyes have their pigmentation
Second Hardly any eye white
Third. The little bit of white in the corner of the eye is not RED but white like it should be.

fourth lets look at her nose. It is higher up on her face

Fifth lets look at a side view to see how flat her face it.. Like a shih tzu's should be..


Let me ask you a question, what shih tzu do you think looks like a quality shih tzu??  What one would you want to be the sister to your shorkie?

Remember the bottom line is

In order to produce quality shorkies you have to have quality shih tzu's and yorkies..




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