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Sherry Carter / Sherry C. Joiner has been in lots of issue's in the breeding world. There was NEVER any issues with any shorkie breeders until she started breeding them. At one time when sherry was breeding shih tzu puppies she wrote a website about another shih tzu breeder even went thru the trouble to call every one in the phone book with the breeders last name to find her.
All because she did not buy a dog from her.. Here is Sherry's old Page printed out where she says she is the proud owner of the domain name with the other breeders name in it.
Sherry Carter / Sherry C. Joiner also known as Sherry Bowden also took a breeder to court saying she sold her a dog with red mange, but yet she lost the case.
We have ordered a copy of all the public records from Marion County, Alabama and will be posting them as soon as we get them.