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Years of breeding


Some breeder say they have many years of breeding experience. That is wonderful, but just because they have been breeding for say 30 years dose not mean they do it correctly. NOT so many years ago lots of breeders were not, and many still are not.

Most states have NO laws or requirements for keeping dogs or even breeding. Most states do not do a Kennel inspections, or even home inspections.

If the state has no LAWS or any one to check how do you know how the babies and parents are kept.

For example the breeder at  says she has been breeding for 30 years and in this time she has had at least two webiste's and Puppy Love Kennels which is no longer on line. If you visit

 you will find an article where the state is trying to shut her down finally, after many years for the second time. YET SHE HAS BEEN BREEDING FOR 30 years.

So just because the breeder says they have been breeding many years dose not mean they are good. If a breeder has been breeding that many years ask for reference you can call or email and check out. See how the dog is or was. With that many years you should be able to get MANY names...





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